Time for a wedding or an anniversary party? Norrviken, the Orangeriet restaurang and Villa Abelin will lend the right atmosphere to your festivities. We would be more than happy to help you with your planning and preparations.



The great moment of life

At Norrviken we wish to fulfil the dream of each bridal couple of a unique wedding day. Maybe you wish to say yes to each other in one of our gardens, book a room before the start of the celebrations, ride in a Rolls Royce from 1922? All of this and even more we can offer in this romantic and historic place.



For big and small celebrations

The greatest moments of life will become even more beautiful in the right setting. At Norrviken we are very experienced in arranging social events for all moments of life. The historic gardens and the beautiful Orangeriet are perfect for both big and small celebrations.

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Welcoming a baby

The scenic and peaceful location makes Norrviken a beautiful place for christenings and ceremonies. Welcome the baby in one of our gardens.

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A beautiful goodbye

Norrviken, filled with feelings and beauty, is very suitable for sharing memories of your loved one.
Photo: Anna Lauridsen

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