Soleil – Comsi Comsare

31 May – 3 November

In this year’s seasonal exhibition, interior designer and television personality Marie Olsson Nylander takes us on a magical adventure. Here is a space for her outward and inward journeys, with memories and objects from bazaars, auctions, and flea markets from all over the world. The adventure is created by the viewer – as a looking glass backwards in time and into the journeying soul of a warm, mature woman.

”I want to show you love for life, for imagination, and for everything that is free inside us. Journey inwards – not just outwards, though my hope is that you will come to different places. It might be the kitchen of your childhood, an insight about the future, or the farewell you said yesterday.”

Marie Olsson Nylander


Idea and creative leader: Marie Olsson Nylander Exhibition
Exhibition producer: Eva Canebro and Norrviken’s gardeners
Specially composed music: Composer couple Hanna and Carl-Johan Dahlberg Fogelklou