Molin’s Molin’s

New garden


“A garden is like painting a picture with living material; it has to be painted with large brush strokes and in harmonic colours. It should be practical and easy to tend for its owners and emanate sensuality and soul. In the winter you can see if a gardens is really good as this is when the structure becomes visible. It should be equally beautiful all year round.”

Heidi Palmgren


In 1961 an exhibition named Uterummet was held at Norrviken. Ulla Molin was the centre of this success. Parts of the exhibition were made permanent, but after many years the structures of the garden had changed. It was time for something new! The commission to create a new garden room in the spirit of Ulla Molin was given with great honour to the winner of the Ulla Molin Award, Heidi Palmgren. With her long-term cooperation and friendship with Ulla Molin she is the person to pass on Molin’s aesthetic heritage and at the same time transfer it to our time.

Ulla Molin’s relation to Norrviken Gardens goes back a long time. She started her gardening career by attending the horticultural school at Apelryd, the first education open to women gardeners in the Nordic countries. The founder of Norrviken, Rudolf Abelin was very committed to this education for decades.

Ulla Molin 1909 – 1907 was a journalist, writer and landscape gardener, born in Kattarp not very far from Norrviken. Her achievements and thoughts about gardening are an important part of the development of the Swedish modern garden character. Just like Rudolf Abelin she found a lot of inspiration in the English Arts & Crafts movement. She was a pioneer within the modern, functional residential garden; well-known to us today, but innovative in the 1960s.

Heidi Palmgren’s eye for the structure of the garden and her very characteristic garden design with floors, walls and roofs were of great interest to Ulla Molin, and they worked together on several projects.

Heidi Palmgren is the creator of Molin’s at Norrviken – a tribute garden to Ulla Molin’s design, transferred to our time. In the garden you will find among other things a henhouse with a yard and scratching, happy hens, a beautiful seating area for days when you look for a sheltered corner and a grove – a must in a garden dedicated to Ulla Molin.