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Norrviken is beautiful all year round. The structure of the garden and its pronounced elements with clipped box hedges are always decorative, just like all the evergreen conifers. Rudolf Abelin took great pride in always having something in flower, at least 49 weeks a year.

But every now and then the beauty is enhanced. When something special is in full bloom or when a lot bursts into blossom at the same time, you are overwhelmed by the effect.

As we cannot control the weather, it is difficult to say exactly when the flowers will appear. Why not join us on Instagram, so you can get updates about what is about to start flowering.

Spring bulbs, tulips and narcissus

April and May.


April and May.

Cherry trees

From mid-April for about two weeks.

Apple blossom

Just after the cherry trees, in mid-May for about 10 – 14 days.

Handkerchief tree

First flowers appear in the second half of May. In bloom about 2 weeks.


From mid-May to early June.


May and June.

Fragrant lilies in the Renaissance Garden

July and August


July, August and September.

Autumn colours in the Japanese Garden with maples and katsura trees

The change of colours may start in September, but the really vibrant splash of autumn colours will appear after the first frost and hopefully last another couple of weeks.