Baroque Year Baroque Year

Theme of 2019

Baroque Year

The baroque was an ideal flourishing within palaces and manor houses in the 17th century and parts of the 18th century. People wanted to impress the neighbourhood, so they really went the whole way…. drama, ornate decor, magnificent, rich, sensual, picturesque… there was simply never enough of a good thing! Silk, velvet, brocade, pearls, gilt, ebony, marble and lots of flourishes. It had to be grand and it had to be done with pomp and circumstance, sometimes to such an extent that it tipped the balance and simply became too much.

So we imagine that 2019 will be a grand year, when we will do our utmost to impress our visitors by means of baroque-inspired art, music, dancing, flower experiences, food, drink and a lot more.

Events 2019


Elsa Billgren

The most beautiful thing from the baroque is the shape of a pearl. Spotted, shining, all of them different. Elsa Billgren, blogger and vintage entrepreneur with a special love for old things, sees the pearl as the great achievement of nature. In the true spirit of the baroque, the era of exaggerations, she goes all in, thinking really big.

The whole season Elsa Billgren’s installations of shining pearls, extravagant in size, are found in the glass pavilions of Victoriahuset. Like a jewel box they contain Elsa Billgren’s pearls. Welcome straight into the treasury. The exhibition is held from Easter to 30 September.

Elsa Billgren tolkar barocken
Lisa Abelsson

Cultural experiences

Lisa Abelsson

Strong, hard but with an airy, ethereal lightness – the extremes are met in the metal sculptures by artist Lisa Abelsson. Inspired by the fashion among the nobility in the century of the baroque Lisa Abelsson has made her own interpretation, shaping it in mesh to recreate the very essence of femininity – the otherwise so soft dress but in the baroque also a symbol of power. The whole summer some of her works can be seen in the most beautiful of our galleries – under the sky in the park – and in one of the pavilions of Victoriahuset. The exhibition runs between Easter and 30 September.

In the park

Baroque sounds

People are met by tranquillity with nuances of twittering birds in the park. In some selected areas music by baroque composers can be perceived. It enhances the experience, creates the right atmosphere and gives the park another dimension.

Barocka toner