Norrviken offers new experiences, changing with the rhythm of the seasons. The theme of the year – romanticism – will be found in installations, flowers, decorations and events.


Our beautiful gardens

Norrviken is famous for its gardens in different styles, created by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s. A visionary, inspired by various countries and epochs, who gave each garden its own, special character. The gardens offer experiences for all senses.

Familj & Barn
Villa Abelin

Villa abelin

A historic venue

Villa Abelin has a scenic location in the middle of the park. This is the place for our store, the Orangeriet restaurang and the Salamander café & bar. The exhibitions of the summer are visited here as well.

The villa accommodates five conference rooms and two suites for overnight stays, named after Rudolf Abelin’s daughters Hild and Dagmar.

The beehives

Here we make Norrviken Honey

Just behind Villa Abelin you will come across our beehives. Thousands of honeybees live there in finely crafted beehives gathered around a gazebo. The beehives are taken care of by Biföreningen Lilla Båstad, a beekeepers association, who assisted by the busy bees produce our own honey here at Norrviken. It can be bought in our store.


The Greenhouses

Norrviken Kitchen Garden

We are now building a kitchen garden, surrounding a really beautiful greenhouse. It will be inaugurated in August, 2018. The greenhouse is going to create many new possibilities. A magic place to be filled with lovely greenery and people. There will be parties, art, company parties, music and a lot more.

Cultivation, research, exhibitions and creative workshops – here we will build another Victorian-style greenhouse. It will be a 175 m²-beauty made of glass, which is going to be filled with knowledge, experiences and exciting cooperation that will make Norrviken and its gardens grow and develop. Inauguration in the spring of 2019.

Our animals

A garden full of life and colours

The plants are not the only ones making this garden attractive. You can also get acquainted with our handsome peacocks and colourful koi fish. Did you know that the koi is an intelligent fish that can recognize people and be trained in the same way as dolphins? A protected and rare species named the great crested newt is shyer and can only be spotted by those with keen eyes. Behind Villa Abelin you will find our honeybees and their grand beehives.

Våra djur
Vår historia

Our history

In Rudolf Abelin’s

Norrvikens Trädgårdar is a dream fulfilled. The founder Rudolf Abelin came to Båstad in 1905, looking for a place where he could create a “living garden museum”.

Theme of 2018

Romantic Norrviken

2018 is the year of romanticism at Norrviken when feelings and inspiration will characterize everything from experiences to flavours.