Norrviken offers new experiences, changing with the rhythm of the seasons.


Our beautiful gardens

Norrviken is famous for its gardens in different styles, created by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s. A visionary, inspired by various countries and epochs, who gave each garden its own, special character. The gardens offer experiences for all senses.

Garden Calendar

Familj & Barn
Villa Abelin

Villa abelin

A historic venue

Villa Abelin has a scenic location in the middle of the park. This is the place for our store, the Orangeriet restaurang and the Salamander café & bar. The exhibitions of the summer are visited here as well.

The villa accommodates five conference rooms and two suites for overnight stays, named after Rudolf Abelin’s daughters Hild and Dagmar.

Norrviken’s store

Hand picked & inspirational

Laserow at Norrviken – Antique experts Karin and Lisa Laserow together with Norrviken create dynamism when then meets today in our beautiful interior design shop. Now you can buy both Norrviken’s selection of interior details and unique antiques from different periods and styles selected by Laserow. The whole represents not just something that is beautiful to look at, but a sustainable style that lasts a long time without being dated.

“We believe in objects with a history and items with an energy created over time.”

The beehives

Here we make Norrviken Honey

Just behind Villa Abelin you will come across our beehives. Thousands of honeybees live there in finely crafted beehives gathered around a gazebo. The beehives are taken care of by Biföreningen Lilla Båstad, a beekeepers association, who assisted by the busy bees produce our own honey here at Norrviken. It can be bought in our store.


The Greenhouse

Victoriahuset and Norrviken Kitchen Garden

The greenhouse, Victoriahuset,  create many possibilities. A magic place to be filled with lovely greenery and people. There will be parties, art, company parties, music and a lot more.

In the kitchen garden we grow vegetables and herbs that we can use in our restaurant. At the same time, we want to give you ideas for your own cultivation.


Hasse’s Happy Garden

Hasse’s Happy Garden

Specially made for children

As early as a hundred years ago Rudolf Abelin pointed out the importance of having a special place for children in the garden.

Therefore it is really nice that Hasse Andersson, a versatile Swedish artist, now has created a childishly funny and colourful garden for children at Norrviken. It is designed to encourage children to play, sparkle interest and discover the wonders of growing plants. A garden full of music and nice surprises!

New garden


New this year was a tribute garden made in the spirit of Ulla Molin, a famous Swedish landscape gardener, by another well-known garden profile, Heidi Palmgren.

Ulla Molin was a pioneer within the modern, functional residential garden, well-known today, innovative in the 1960s. She recommended a garden with many separate rooms, just like a home. The vegetation had to have a distinct structure of greenery, clearly defined and cut back, contrasting with untouched, bushy parts. Here you will find a lot of inspiration to bring home to your own garden.

Our animals

A garden full of life and colours

The plants are not the only ones making this garden attractive. You can also get acquainted with our handsome peacocks and colourful koi fish. Did you know that the koi is an intelligent fish that can recognize people and be trained in the same way as dolphins? A protected and rare species named the great crested newt is shyer and can only be spotted by those with keen eyes. Behind Villa Abelin you will find our honeybees and their grand beehives.

Våra djur
Vår historia

Our history

In Rudolf Abelin’s

Norrvikens Trädgårdar is a dream fulfilled. The founder Rudolf Abelin came to Båstad in 1905, looking for a place where he could create a “living garden museum”.