Experience our beautiful park Experience our beautiful park


Experience our beautiful park

At Norrviken Gardens it is our aim to make it possible for everyone to experience and enjoy our beautiful place. In order to facilitate the visit for our disabled guests we have made an accessibility map.

The scenic Norrviken area consists of hilly paths, very steep slopes, loose stones, water and ravines. Please be careful when you visit less frequented areas off the clearly designated paths and sites of the park.

Accessibility map

The map shows you where there are suitable routes and where there may be limited access or no access if you are a wheelchair user. The locations of accessible toilets and the elevator at Villa Abelin are also indicated on the map.

In the high season just ask at the ticket office for a printout of the map.

Download map


Disabled people pay the regular admission fee. The companion andpersonal assistant on duty accompanying a disabled person will have free admission to the park on presentation of a companion pass. Guide-dogs are always welcome in the park.