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What is happening at Norrviken in Båstad?

Here you will find events, concerts and exhibitions at Norrviken in Båstad.

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28 March – 3 November

Sara N. Bergman interprets this year's theme with inspiration from travels and all the small adventures of life.

Hanna Wendelbo

28 March – 3 November

The creator Hanna Wendelbo designs this year's signature flowerbeds, which are characterized by warm and saturated shades.

Ett tonsatt Norrviken

28 March – 3 November

For the first time ever, Norrviken will be composed by Hanna and Carl-Johan Dahlberg Fogelklou.

El Viaje Vertical

28 March – 3 November

Experience the photo art of Patricio Reig, the creator who combines different techniques to craft vibrant reflections.

I växtjägarens fotspår

28 March – 3 November

Welcome to an exciting world filled with adventurous journeys.

Somnia laeto

25 April – 3 November

The creator Anna Starrén invites you to an inner journey where everything is like in a fairy tale.

Rudolf Abelin, människorna och tiden

9 May – 3 November

An exhibition about the gardens of Norrviken and founder Rudolf Abelin, the time, the people behind and around him.

Soleil Comsi Comsare

31 May – 3 November

Seasonal exhibition by Marie Olsson Nylander.

Midsommar på Norrviken

21 June

Celebrate a traditional Swedish midsummer at Norrviken

Sommarmorgon med Hasse & Monica

25 June & 2 July

An activity for children. Some singing, some dancing and some learning. Advance purchase only.

Båstad Kammarmusik

25 June

Explore Central Europe's 1900 musical heritage with Tobias Lund alongside the Zilliacus Quartet and Messiaen Quartet.

Biets dag

2 July

A day to celebrate our bees. Meet our beekeepers and learn more about bees and their value.

The Aurora

5 July – 7 July

Iconic cars and hypercars at Norrviken in the first edition of The Aurora.

Norrvikens Scen: Sven Ingvars

10 July

Enjoy musical treasures, the joy of playing, and future classics.

Norrvikens Scen: Timbuktu & The Rakiem Walker Project

11 July

Timbuktu makes an entrance with the 7-member band, The Rakiem Walker Project.

Norrvikens Scen: Orup

12 July

The pop phenomenon Orup throws himself into the unknown by standing completely alone on stage.

Norrvikens Scen: Tommy Körberg

13 July

A journey through musicals, scandals, and song contest finals.

Norrvikens Scen: Dolly Style & Grannen Måns

14 July

Experience the ultimate family show with double concerts for the younger generation.

Fotografering – Patricio Reig

16 July – 17 July

Unique opportunity to have your portrait taken by the amazing photographer and artist Patricio Reig.

Kvällsyoga i trädgården

24 July – 7 August

Enjoy unique yoga experiences in the peaceful setting of the park's colors and scents. Several occasions.

Haydn Youth String Orchestra

1 August

Free lunchtime concert with the Haydn Youth String Orchestra from the Netherlands.


3 August – 4 August

Welcome to a family gathering filled with joy and exciting activities.

Omfamna hösten

14 September – 15 September

A weekend focused on apples that includes activities such as fruit tree pruning and a wreath-making course.

Kafferep med Hasse & Monica

17 September – 12 November

Dates: 17/9, 15/10 & 12/11

Jul på Norrviken

6 December – 15 December

An unforgettable Christmas atmosphere for the whole family.