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Fotoutställning med Fernand Fonssagrives

5 September – 29 September

Fernand Fonssagrives is one of the first photographers to shape what came to be "Beauty Photography".

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Groddar och skott är framtidens mat

15 September

Annika Christensen & Jonas Bendroth tell why everyone should grow sprouts and shoots and how to use them in cooking.

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Afterwork med temat ”Skogens konung

11 Oktober

Afterwork with the theme "Skogens konung"

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Gås på Norrviken

8 November

Classic "goose dinner" in the fantastic environment of the Orangery.

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10 November

Invite Dad to a delicious autumn-inspired lunch in the Orangery.

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Jul på Norrviken – upplevelser för hela familjen

22 November – 24 November

We invite you to our Christmas market with food and beverage experiences, music entertainment, "glögg" and Santa Claus.

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Magiskt julbord

29 November – 14 Dezember

In Christmas, we open the gate to Norrviken's enchanting world of magic, music & mystery.

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