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v 49-8

When the frost bites hard, you can nonetheless receive a warm greeting on your winter walks from our brave winter blossoms – the witch hazel with its sunny yellow flowers and the fragrant pink blossoms of the Caprifoliaceae. Snowdrops pop up in flowerbeds, alongside forest paths and in the ravines with the approach of spring.

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v 9-12

One of the first signs of spring is the early hazel blossoms, nestling deep inside in beautiful red-green buds. Crocuses begin popping up all over the place. Later on, in March-April the scilla begins take its place on the stage and up towards the ridge there is nature’s wild spring sign – the blue anemone.

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v 13-17

Around its budding leaves, the katsura shows off its violet blossoms down in the Japanese garden and the winter hazel flowers in March/April with pale yellow blooms on otherwise naked branches. The first rhododendrons are beginning to show and the wood anemone is spreading out before the beech begins to create its green roof above us.

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v 18-23

Sea of wood anemone and narcissus, flowering cherry trees, magnolias and flower kernels. Eventually, rhododendrons and bush peonies.

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v 24-32

Horse chestnut and hawthorn compete to be most extravagant in all their perfect floral splendor. The rhododendron valley dots in violet and the handkerchiefs glow cream white in the evening sun.

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v 33-38

In the water garden, Hydrangeas still bloom in pink and blue accompanied by Astilbe and Snake root.

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v 39-48

Now it starts to change into red and yellow and the apple harvest is in full swing. The autumn anemone glows white and the autumn silver ax has finally decided to bloom.

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